Sylvan Ultimate Hydroxyl UV Beast HX-5000 with Optional Ozone



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Sylvan’s most powerful hydroxyl generator-ozone generator combo yet. Designed for industrial and large restoration projects, the HX-5000, is designed to be used in conjunction with an air mover and requires the air mover to distribute the hydroxyl molecules effectively. The air mover is sold separately. With 3 huge optic assemblies for hydroxyl output, the Sylvan HX-5000 puts out 33% more hydroxyl molecules than the brand name competitor. Moreover, the HX-5000 has a 5g/hr ozone production capability. This is the only industrial machine on the market that will allow you to generate only hydroxyls for occupied environments, only ozone for unoccupied environments, or both hydroxyls and ozone simultaneously if desired for unparalleled an adjustable ozone output so you can vary the amount of ozone production from 0- 5000mg/hr. The ozone generator includes a 450 CFM fan as well so that function can be run with or without the air mover. Hydroxyls are known to be the second strongest oxidizer of pollutants in the known universe, the first being atomic fluorine. OH molecules are a million times more reactive than ozone, which means that they break down a much broader range of odors and pathogens compared to ozone. Hydroxyl molecules eliminate bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, mold, mildew, noxious gases and other organic compounds that can cause odor. Hydroxyls also don’t leave behind that chemical smell that ozone does. The main disadvantage of hydroxyls is that they take a long time to work relative to ozone. For example, in a small room where ozone may take 24 hours to eliminate odors, hydroxyls will take 36-48 hours. The main disadvantage of ozone is that it should not be used in occupied spaces. This unit gives the best of both worlds. We recommend running alternate treatments of ONLY hydroxyls then ONLY ozone for a time period appropriate to the treatment area before running BOTH hydroxyls and OZONE simultaneously as this is extremely oxidizing.



Weight: 35 pounds
Dimensions: 20″ x 14 x 25″
Features: Alternating and combined Hydroxyl-Ozone Generation functions
Max. Output: 5 g/hr

*Air mover sold separately

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Dimensions 20 × 14 × 25 in