Hydroxyl Machine

Hydroxyl Generator

Hydroxyl MachineHydroxyl Generator  [or hydroxyl machine as it is also referred to] is an electrolyte equipment that generates Negative Radicals that are unsaturated molecules. Hydrolytes are known to carry consistent charge that aggressively seek saturation by simply opening out a molecule from majority of pollutants that are available on surfaces as well as in the air. When this occurs, the attacked pollutant is excluded from being activated, and is unable to attach to any other molecule. This action destroys it thereby making it to become neutral and inert.

It is an advanced technology that is generating a lot of positive response from users in several countries because of its effectiveness. It is about the most famous technology in safe air cleansing; and has the power to destroy any germ or odor it encounters.

The importance of clean and unpolluted air to certain categories of people cannot be overemphasized. The Hydroxyl machine is therefore rated as one of the best technologies for people suffering from respiratory problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and asthma.

It is also the technology of choice for people suffering from damp smelly home, basement badly damaged or affected by flood water, mold, mildew, and a host of other domestic issues. The technology is one you should also consider for a host of other uses including the following:

• Can be very effective in destroying viruses,  air-borne bacteria & fungus spores.

• Eliminates smoke smell both in structures and contents.

• Can be used to neutralize hazardous gasses including H25.

• Can be used to convert odors into harmless by-products.

• Can be used to clean every surface and even crevasses in a structure naturally.

• Can be used to eliminate difficult smells and bacteria in football equipment, carpets, and cushions.

• It can also be used to eliminate pet odor.

How The Hydroxyl Machine Eliminates Odor

It works by searching for and destroying odor molecules in the air as well as on surfaces by breaking the bonds of the molecules. It takes a couple of the elements including Hydrogen, Oxygen, and others.

A Review Of The Sylvan Hydroxyl Generator

Hydroxyl GeneratorWith Sylvan Generator, it is now possible to decontaminate and deodorize living areas with animals, plants, people, and several other air breathing life forms. This particular model or brand is rated highly than Ozone, and is 100% safe for inhabited use.

One major advantage this particular model has over others in the market is its ability to produce zero ozone; but can be effective as a 5,000 mg/hr ozone generator.

It also provides you a lot of features including the following:

Decompose organic and inorganic molecules and other air pollutants and break them down into carbon dioxide and water.

The Sylvan Hydroxyl Machine also features treatment area 10,000 ft3 – 115/120v – 60Hz – 1.5 amps.

When it comes to the Sylvan Generator, there is a limitless market potential that can also be used in fire and water restoration. The product is also good for sterilization of smoke odors, mildew odors, mold spores, pet odors, bacteria and viruses, chemical fumes, decomposing organic matter, VOC’s, and many more.

Sylvan HX-30000 Hydroxyl Generator with Optional Ozone 

The latest model of the Sylvan Generator comes with an optional Ozone Generator.

The Model is called Sylvan HX-30000 and it really takes sterilization and deodorization to the next level.

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